Paper Scraps

random test papers always turn out so fascinating to me

New work in the midst

To the untrained eye this may look like a pile of random items. However I see it as a badass new art piece that I'll be working on which will be powered by solar panels potentially lasting for several years!


Working On A New Series

Working on a new series of eyes. Here is the beginning phase. Just started molding out the form. Wait till you see it finished! It's gonna get crazy


Connected, Separation Is An Illusion

Finished the 12ft x 6ft painting! Its titled "Connected, Separation Is An Illusion." I wanted to represent in this piece my thoughts on how we are all connected. Together we make up the universe as one. As humans we are consumed with our own thoughts and are often stuck inside our own heads. From this we think of ourselves as separate, but in reality we are all connected. Just as the clouds become rain, the rain becomes the ocean and the ocean becomes the clouds and so forth.  I finished this piece just in time for "Night of the Living Art" gallery show which brought in a few hundred people.  


Here is to the start of my largest project on canvas to date! I've custom built and stretched three 4ftX6ft canvases that will all hang together to make one large 12ftX6ft painting.

Do you dig black and gold? ;)

Free "Eye Fuck"

Thanks everyone that shot me and email. Ill be mailing them out Thursday.

Free! "Eye Fuck" Signed and numbered prints on wood. First 8 people to email me at with their mailing address will receive one in the mail from yours truly 



"Who Are You?"

Enjoy 12/21 /2012

Its not the end its the beginning

"Who Are You?" new street art collaboration between Gent and Awaken Love

New pics when the Sun comes out ;)